Monetary Properties

Bitcoin’s monetary properties include:

  • Transferability — The ability of an item to be transferred anywhere in the world with the highest possible speed and at the lowest possible cost
  • Divisibility — The ability of an item to be divided conveniently and reliably into smaller pieces, thereby accommodating any transaction size
  • Storability — The ability to be self-custodied by anyone, without relying on a bank or financial institution
  • Durability — The ability to be as resistant to degradation as the medium in which it is stored
  • Verifiability — The ability of an item to be reliably verified as real by its users
  • Fungibility — The ability of each item unit to be equivalent to any other item unit
  • Scarcity — An item’s resistance to increasing its supply
  • Censorship Resistance — The ability for anyone to use a form of money without fear of the money being confiscated or frozen.