Why we've done this

We’ve created Knowledge Bytes to bring information, education and perspective about our favorite topic, crypto, to a wider audience. We’ve found a lot of financial professionals are curious, interested and time poor. We’ve also found that some of the best and most helpful perspectives on crypto are buried in white papers, community posts or hour-long videos. Just as we seek to offer a bridge between the traditional financial system and crypto, we’re hoping this resource can offer financial professionals a helpful and pleasant bridge to the information, background and knowledge that often only exists in hard-to-find spots.

How to use it

We’ve designed this resource to be modular and bite sized (hence the name!). You typically won’t find ‘cards’ as we call them, longer than a Twitter post. You should find a healthy number of visual and video elements to help you along in your journey. Pick a question or concern that you have from the home page and explore until your curiosity is sated. Pick a topic that you’re interested in from the list below and browse through what we have to say. If you have a particular query, of course, try the search bar. And do leave us feedback!

Where we're going

What you see now is our MVP and represents what we believe are the most important topics and questions about Bitcoin. As time goes on, you’ll see new questions, topics and journeys added to the site. We hope you’ll find Knowledge Bytes to be a resource worth visiting and worth recommending!